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EAY62809403 EAX65035501(1.0) POWER SUPPLY FOR LG LG LCD

EAY62809403 EAX65035501(1.0) POWER SUPPLY FOR LG LG LCD
Brand: LG
TV Model: LG LCD
LCD Type: Generic
Product Code: EAY62809403 -LG LCD
Reward Points: 28
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: £33.59
Ex Tax: £27.99
Price in reward points: 560
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Please Read Before Making A Purchase.

Below is a full explanation on how to find LG part numbers.

Working And Tested LG TV Part

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We Offer up to 20% discount and 0% restocking fees for trade customers please contact us for further details on how to get this discount.

 EMOS TV's have over 20 Years experience in the Tv trade working on all types of equipment old and new. We aim to offer the best service possible to people in the trade or who are competent enough to repair their own products.

If you need advice on your faulty product please feel free to ask, we will be more than happy to advise you.

Parts all carry a 28 day return to us guarantee, we will do all we can to help if the part does not cure your fault.

Please do not purchase any parts if you are unsure it will cure your fault, Please Call our technical help line -01246 250678, One of our advisor's will be happy to help.

We have over 65,000 parts available. Can't find the part you're looking for? Ask us a question regarding it and we'll do what we can to help you find it!

Please Read Below Before Ordering:

LG Main Boards; When looking for your part number upon an LG Main Board, the significant part numbers of the part are as follow; EBT, EBU, EBR. These numbers usually appear on a white sticker label on the board of which also contains a barcode. Many customers make the mistake of finding the 'EAX' number on the board and searching with that number, however this isn't the ACTUAL P/N this is just the blank board number which is more than likely visible on far more boards than just the individual part you're after.

 photo lgmainpn_zpsbe118341.jpg

LG Power Supplies; Finding your LG PSU part number can be tricky, however when you know where to look it's a piece of cake. The number you need to be looking for when finding it is an 'EAY' number, this is usually printed onto the PCB itself, however can also be hard to find when located within a white sticker label in the mist of a other irrelevant bunch of numbers and letters. Locate the barcode sticker and you will see a sequence of numbers and letters, after the last letter usually 4-5 digits in make a note of the next 8 digits as shown in our photo, simply pop EAY in front of these 8 digits and you have your part number. If you're struggling to locate the 'EAY' number then there is a chance the P/N you're after may be a '6870' number.

 photo lgpsu_zps7955b902.jpg

LG Ysus/ Xsus; When finding the part numbers for your LG Ysus/ Xsus you're looking for the common LG part numbers being; 'EAX' and 'EBR, EBT or EBU' the 'EAX' is just the blank board number, so has little relevance aslong as an 'EBU', 'EBR' or 'EBT' number can be located. This is normally found within the white stick label on the board as seen below:

 photo lgysus_zps8e5d66a1.jpg

LG Tcon Boards; Finding the two relevant numbers on your LG tcon maybe slighlty eye straining, but it's not so difficult once you know what you're looking for. There will be two numbers as in most cases with TV PCB's, one of which is just a blank board number and the other the actual P/N which will guarantee compatability if it matches. On the LG tcons the blank board number is the number I first recommend finding if searching on our website, once you've done this then locate the (in most cases) white box with black printer numbers/ digits within it (see below to highlighted area). When you've found the numbers and digits you must then make out the actual Part Number from that. You do this by taking the first four numbers on the bottom row of the box and the ending letter see as followed: (The part number would be 6871L-3403C).

 photo LGTCON_zps9489d901.jpg

LG-Philips Inverter Boards; The number to look out for on your LG-Philips, '6632L-' if you match this number the board will work as a replacement with your set.

 photo lginv_zps5112a0d8.jpg

We do what we can to help when the part is ordered in error, but you will have to cover the additional shipping costs.

EMOS are a professional service company and our opening times are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Thank you

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